Swipe directly to your site.

Kiosks brings the power and convenience of Sparta Kiosk Pro's
built-in card swiper to your website's credit card form.

What is Kiosks?

Kiosks securely interfaces Sparta Kiosk Pro's built-in card swiper with your website's existing credit card form, allowing your customers to swipe their cards directly to your existing card processing infrastructure – fast, securely, and all without a native app of your own.

How it works


Download and install the free Kiosks
app on your iPad via the App Store.


Tell Kiosks where to find your credit card
form and your field names.


You're done! Customers can now swipe their
cards directly to your website!

Fast, Simple Setup

Simply point Kiosks to your form and field names and it'll intelligently handle the rest for you. No further setup required.

Works Anywhere

Kiosks is designed to work with any standard HTML form, which means it also works with virtually all credit card processors.

Free Test Drive

Download Kiosks today to give it a free test drive, then unlock its full capabilities with an affordable subscription.