Swipe directly to your website

Kiosks brings the power and convenience of Sparta Kiosk Pro's
card swipe to your websites.

What is Kiosks?

Kiosks is a a simple yet powerful companion app to the Sparta Kiosk Pro, enabling websites to easily become the Kiosk experience and user interface while also leveraging all aspect of card swipes that allow for easy data capture directly onto your web form fields. One can describe Kiosks app as an advanced Keyboard Emulation enabler for iOS but with many more advanced features. Student assesments and test taking are also supported for Education and Prometric Institutions.

Credit Cards

Swipe credit cards directly onto your web form fields, fully parsed track data without writing a single line of code. Truely turnkey and super easy to configure. Similar to "keyboard emulation", Kiosks app enables advanced fine tunned control of how you capture card swipe data directly to your website. Supported across any cart and payment service providers.

Loyalty Cards

Kiosks makes it possible to swipe any loyalty, membership, student ids's, giftcards and custom cards that are specifically encoded and formated. With advanced features such as customized parsing controls it is possible to fully parse and capture track data fully parsed for your specific loyalty card program. Advanced features include complete track data capture in raw format allowing for your own parsing externally.

Drivers Licenses

We made it very simple to specify specific form field id’s for each data set allowing for easy drivers license card swipe and data capture directly onto your web page. This new category introduces many possibilities including capturing shipping address, information verification and many other possibilities.

QR & 2D Barcode Scanning

Empower your website with optical 2D QR and Bar Code Scanning using your very own website by calling our unique web link will launch the camera viewer with customizable full screen view that automatically reads, scans and parses 2D QR and Barcodes instantly and passes it right onto your specified form field id! This feature is very unique and powerful allowing for a multitude of uses. One key feature is that you can also scan and read directly from users mobile devices. Barcodes can even be upside down with orientation agnostic auto functionality, ensuring ease of use and true turnkey operability.

Fully Transparent

Kiosks is completely UI-less allowing for your website and user experience to be front and center. While also supporting a customizable native navigation and UI to compliment your web app experience one can also toggle it from view. In keeping every visual element customizable, Kiosks functions as a transparent solution that leverages your websites’ user interface and user experience without obstruction.

Kiosk Mode

The core feature of Kiosks is to enable any website to instantly become the Kiosk. By choosing a four digit pin one can easily lock the kiosk mode to the configured website. Accessing the settings area is kept locked away only accessible through the same four digit pin. Kiosk mode is easy and secure allowing for quick live kiosk deployments with ease.

How it works


Download and install the Kiosks
app onto your iPads via the App Store. Don't forget
to ordered your Sparta Kiosk Pros!


Disable Demo Mode and tell Kiosks where to find
your specific form field id's per card type.
Create your lock pin and lock when ready.


You're done! Customers can now swipe their
cards directly to your website, supporting a wide
range of card types including 2D Barcode Scanning!