Self-serve payments redefined.

Payment Kiosks streamlines and simplifies self-serve payments
using Sparta Kiosk Pro’s built-in card reader.

What is Payment Kiosks?

Payment Kiosks streamlines self-service and assisted payments using Sparta Kiosk Pro's built-in card reader in conjunction with your existing account. It's secure, simple to use, and easy to customize for any deployment scenario.

How it works


Download and install the free Payment Kiosks
app on your iPad via the App Store.


Configure the app with your API credentials and (optionally) customize it.


You’re done! Your customers can now securely make self-serve or assisted payments!

Fast, Simple Setup

No complicated configuration or setup required. Just provide your credentials and you're ready to go.

Payments Simplified

Simple to use, easy to customize, and capable of supporting a variety of merchant accounts through the API.

Customer Approved

Built around a single-screen design that makes the payment experience streamlined, intuitive and hassle-free.