Kiosks 3.34.2 Released!

Excited to get this update out! Whats new: • Enhanced Demo Mode – A completely new demo experience now allows for testing every category feature using the companion hardware the Sparta Kiosk Pro. One can easily test loyalty, Credit Cards, Drivers Licenses and even the 2D QR and Bar Code to Web keyboard emulation right […]

Kiosks app web update

A long overdue update to the Kiosks app webpage was just launched. Over the past year we have significantly increased how the app supports various types of functionalities and features and as such we updated the website to reflect the current features and capabilities of the Kiosks app. Worth mentioning that the theme of the […]

Carbon Stand 2.0 Now Available

This mid 2017 hardware refresh has left no platform un-touched. We are super excited about the major engineering enhancement to the flagship floor stand the Carbon Stand. This unique stand is designed exclusively to match the Sparta Kiosk Pro in every way. it also uses a very complex fusion process whereby real carbon fiber is […]

Mid 2017 Updated Sparta Kiosk Pro with New iPad 9.7 Support

With a usual yearly hardware refresh we pushed some unique additions into our current and newest gen Sparta Kiosk Pro hardware. Here are a few key items that are worth highlighting:   Fitment Kits Some things we have added to our platform is a new iPad fitment cluster of custom molded rubbers, engineered in-house to […]

iOS 10 and Widgets

With the release of iOS 10 apple has removed the trusty “Swipe to unlock” feature from the home screen thus replacing it with the physical click of the home button. Thankfully with the introduction of “widgets” or also known as “extensions” we are releasing a custom widget for “Kiosks”, allowing for “swipe to unlock” to […]

Kiosks 3.1.8 just released

Kiosks is quite possibly the only app of its kind in the app store. In a gist is allows for websites to support keyboard emulation mag stripe data via physical swipe directly onto custom specified form field id’s on any web site. In designing Kiosks our approach is a unique one that ensures ultimate transparency […]

Hello world!

Out team has been hard at work on various fronts including the recent website refresh which includes this brand new blog that I personally hope to update and share new updates across our range of products often. Here are just a few things we have in the works: Hardware: Carbon Stand 2.0 Enterprise Heavy Base Plate for Carbon […]