Kiosks is quite possibly the only app of its kind in the app store. In a gist is allows for websites to support keyboard emulation mag stripe data via physical swipe directly onto custom specified form field id’s on any web site. In designing Kiosks our approach is a unique one that ensures ultimate transparency and customization to fit a broad use case across all markets. As a companion app Kiosks serves to leverage easy adoptability and deployment of web based solutions and services using our Sparta Kiosk Pro hardware platform. Together Sparta Kiosk Pro + Kiosks app serve as a turnkey iPad kiosk platform complete with card swipe support for all card types.

In version 3.1.8 major features have been introduced.

Drivers License Support 

The addition of a whole new category “drivers license” swipe and parse support has been added. We made it very simple to specify specific form field id’s for each data set allowing for easy drivers license card swipe and data capture directly onto your web page. This new category introduces many possibilities including capturing shipping address, information verification and many other possibilities.

Credit Card Enhanced Support

A new section within the “credit card” settings screen has been added. One can now edit the parsing configuration that controls general credit card parsing. The new section is now accessible through the “gear icon” within the credit card settings screen. This enhanced support enables non standard credit card parsing for non-common card issuers and banks. An example: A custom encoded credit card can now be supported alongside the other card types within the app full feature set. Another addition within the parsing configuration view is the “full track dump” field id that can be specified to capture full 3 track raw data onto your specified form field id and allow for you to handle the parsing and post process for credit card types.

Loyalty Card Enhanced Support

Just like the credit card section now the “loyalty card” settings view included it’s own gear icon to easily access its parsing configuration view. Here one can edit and fine-tune how the parsing should be handled specific to your card spec. This section also supports “full track dump” allowing for raw parsing and post processing via web.

In addition we have added “multiple field id targets” on each specified form field id. By separating each form field id with a “comma” one can now replicate data across many form fields. For example you have a form that requires customer name on more then one field, by identifying all these field id’s Kiosks app will pass the customer name to all these targets instantly upon swipe. This introduction helps maintain a flexible workflow for those forms that have repeat elements.

Bar Code Scanning Support

Just prior to version 3 we introduced optical 2D QR and Bar Code Scanning using your very own website by calling our unique web link will launch the camera viewer with customizable full screen view that automatically reads, scans and parses 2D QR and Barcodes instantly and passes it right onto your specified form field id! This feature is very unique and powerful allowing for a multitude of uses. One key feature is that you can also scan and read directly from users mobile devices. Barcodes can even be upside down with orientation agnostic auto functionality, ensuring ease of use and true turnkey operability.

As of version 3 we have updated this feature to support iOS 10 specific camera permissions guidelines.


Now Kiosks app version number is displayed within the settings view “3.1.8”, making it easier to know what version you are currently using.

What’s next?

We are always pushing the envelope and welcome user feedback to help shape the next phase of Kiosks app. Some things we are already working on:

  • App Widget
  • Cloudkit Support

Kiosks 3.1.8 is available via the iPad specific app store