This mid 2017 hardware refresh has left no platform un-touched. We are super excited about the major engineering enhancement to the flagship floor stand the Carbon Stand. This unique stand is designed exclusively to match the Sparta Kiosk Pro in every way. it also uses a very complex fusion process whereby real carbon fiber is fused onto the aluminum tube. This acts as both a luxury product finish as well as super armor to the tube removing the worry of scratches or dings.

Here is where we added to the carbon stand 2.0:

6 Point Locked Base Round Flange

Previously we were using a 3 point threaded architecture that secured the round base flange to the tube and to the base plate. Now with this new 6 Point lock flange we have gone away from the threaded architecture and moved into the nut and bolt architecture. By using 6 points of locking bolt and nut we have yielded a super secure base which will not weaken over time or use. We made the round flange twice as big and staggered the 6 lock down points. We have stress tested this new architecture and our results have surpassed our expectations on how rigid and secure the overall platform is compared to prior gen.

Heavy 30lbs Base Plate *optional MOQ

One key aspect we focused on was anchor weight and base plate architecture when revising the carbon stand. This was a major focus on 2.0 and as a result it makes an incredible difference when combined with the newly designed all steel 30lbs base plate which bolts onto the stock aluminum base plate. It has the same design and contour while serving one key role in stealth. It looks invisible and takes up no extra space ensuring ADA wheelchair access with our hindering any obstacle. This heavy base plate is not standard and only sold in larger quantity orders of 50 unit minimums.