With a usual yearly hardware refresh we pushed some unique additions into our current and newest gen Sparta Kiosk Pro hardware. Here are a few key items that are worth highlighting:


Fitment Kits

Some things we have added to our platform is a new iPad fitment cluster of custom molded rubbers, engineered in-house to meet some very important thresholds. In re-designing our fitment kits we tested various rubber compounds each with different hardnesses and rigidities, finally identifying the perfect balance. These new kits include additional support and use 8 rubbers vs the prior gen of 6. These new fitment kits come in two different sets, one supports the iPad Pro 9.7″ and iPad Air 2 while the other set specifically supports the iPad Air 1 and the newly released iPad 9.7″. One kit is included with each new Kiosk order. These are not compatible with prior gen kiosks.



Our bundled reader is now sleeker and iOS 10+ supported and terminates as an 8pin apple lightning connector. The Reader model is the iMag Pro II. It supports direct charging via its’ built-in micro USB port. We include our custom usb charge cable as part of each kiosk along with the reader.


3A Charge Cable

We have engineered our 3Amp capable micro usb to usb cable to specifically support the amp requirements of iPads being pushed to their peek usage as kiosks. We include one cable per kiosk. These cables have been updated with iconic red end tips which we use for all our custom cables moving forward.


Lighting female to Lighting Male Extender Cable

Each Kiosk now includes the latest mFi apple certified lighting to lighting extension cable that connects the reader to the iPad.


LED Kit ready

We designed a very unique LED architecture that is modulated and customizable, allowing for a great solution for low light or dim settings. This LED illuminates the swipe area allowing users to easily identify where to swipe in poorly lit settings. LED kits sold as add-ons.


Pin-hole access for home button

We now have a tiny pin-hole available on every front plate allowing for access to home button toggle via a sim tool or thin paperclip. This pin hole can also be blocked from the inside of the front plate by adding a dime, yes you read that right a “dime” taped into the recessed circular cavity under the pin-hole. this is a simple yet powerful feature for those that need it or not.


Quality +++

Each iteration that we produce meets our new standard of both features and quality. Fabrication and production undergo specific workflow improvements and workflows that ensure to yield the best possible quality. This new updated gen looks and feels amazing and we stand by each build.  Compare our product to any other in the world and you will see the difference first hand on the build quality in all aspects.